What is storeWALL?
See storeWALL in Action
Cabinets - Wood
Acrylic & Clothing
Activity & Sports
Desk & Home Office
Hang-It Hooks
Garage Floor Covering
Hold-It Baskets
Hold-It Shelves
Overhead Storage
Stor-It Miscellaneous
Work Center





Professional Installation Service:

Although storeWALL is easy to install for the "Do it yourselfer", we do provide professional installation services if you are within service area.  We help determine the accessories you want as part of our installation service.  Please contact us for more information.

Ultimate Garage
43159 SD Hwy 52
Yankton, SD 57078

Phone:  605-665-7844
Fax Number:  208-379-1292

Email:  sales@practsol.com


Quick Fact:
In over 80% of all homes, the main family entrance and exit is through the garage. With this amount of traffic in and out of the home, it is a great idea to organize and keep this space clean. If you can keep the garage cleaner, you can keep your home cleaner. All of our storage systems are mounted off of the garage floor so it is much easier to maintain a clean garage.



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