What is storeWALL?
See storeWALL in Action
Cabinets - Wood
Acrylic & Clothing
Activity & Sports
Desk & Home Office
Hang-It Hooks
Garage Floor Covering
Hold-It Baskets
Hold-It Shelves
Overhead Storage
Stor-It Miscellaneous
Work Center




See storeWALL in Action

StoreWALL is so versatile it can be used in almost any room in the home.  With over 100 accessories, the design possibilities are almost unlimited.  Here are some photos to help get your design ideas started.


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Quick Fact:
There are over 70 million garages in the U.S. A good guess is most owners would have a negative comment or two about their garage. Another safe guess is that those complaints would focus on inadequate garage storage.



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